Members of Congress are speaking out, making it clear that gas is not "clean" - and does not belong in a Clean Energy Standard.

We applaud the Senators and Representatives supporting a Clean Energy Standard (CES) that gets emissions under control and centers the health of the planet, communities, and people.

We cannot continue using harmful energy sources that pollute our air and water, and threaten the health of our communities. The science is clear: gas is not clean.

Every stage of gas production - extraction, processing, transport, and combustion - generates toxic air and water pollution.

Congress must pass a bold reconciliation package to tackle the climate crisis, create millions of good, union jobs, and advance racial and economic justice. One key piece of the package to ensure rapid emissions reductions is a Clean Energy Standard to transition our power sector off of fossil fuels towards clean, renewable energy in the next decade. As Congress negotiates the language of the CES, we need to make sure that gas is not included.

The following Senators and Representatives are leading the way, to help ensure that gas is not counted in the forthcoming Clean Energy Standard.

Don't see your Member of Congress listed here? Let them know that gas is not clean. Complete the form below and we'll tweet at your Senators and Representative.Tell them to keep gas out of a Clean Energy Standard!

The following organizations are calling on Congress to keep gas out of an energy standard:

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